Shauna Brown

Grafisch Ontwerp

Come as you

★ London Calling ★

A design to promote London Calling's Nirvana event in Ampere, Antwerp in Belgium. The event was held the 17th of November 2018.

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The design features Kurt Cobain holding a gun. 'Come as you are' is referring to one of Nirvana's songs which has a line: 'come as you are, I swear I don't have a gun'.

The design was adapted into an A2 & A3 poster, A5 flyer (front and back), Facebook profile picture, Facebook banner, and a promotional video for the event page on Facebook. The London Calling logo was previously designed by me.

The event can be viewed here on the AMPERE website.

poster design

A5 flyer design front/back

Facebook profile picture